5:36 PM, Wednesday, November 29th, 2017:
When I first came to LA in 2000 I was shocked to find out how hot September was, but pleasantly surprised that October was like a perfect early fall day: 70 during the day and 50 at night. The best part? That continued for MONTHS. Like into April and May. I finally understood! THIS is what people love about LA. I get it now. For 7 months it's PERFECT. 3 other months are great... 2 months are kinda fucking awful and hot. But wow is October - May just grrrrrrrrrreat.
Something has changed and it's getting nuts. I know we all want to yell global warming and sure - we're witnessing some of that, but this has changed in the past 5 years, not over a long period of time. Soon September wasn't the end of the heat... a first week of October crept in... then w years ago it was absolute craziness: November 1st was HOT. Like 90s. 2015 - red letter day, couldn't believe it...

...but then in 2016, on November 15th - it was so hot the kids did the slip and slide. Usually when we have hot days in our "fall" it's hot just in the sun and just for like an hour and then it gets cool. Not really confortable to swim in... because there's an innate COLD in the shade. But last year? Mid-November it was so hot for so many days, this was feasible.
This year? Thanksgiving. Effectively erasing what used to be 2 of our nice months. This is fucked up. This is actually depressing to me as these months are the heart of why I love this part of the country. I LOVE bundling up. I love fall weather. I love 50-60 degrees. Lovvvvvvvvvvve it. Favorite shit ever.
Now we have to wait until DECEMBER? And if memeory serves we had hot days in March or even February this year? So we're down to 3 good months? UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.
Anyway, here's our annual Christmas tree video in 95 degree heat. I gotta tell you - getting fat and growing a beard at the end of the year isn't fun when it's 95.
Let the Christmas season begin. For the love of fuck, let it begin.