10:00 AM, Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017:
In what is the craziest timing ever, a day after I tell Don "WE'RE DOING A PODCAST DAMNIT", Jay texts me and asks me to be on his new podcast.
So yeah, I'm finally gonna break down and do a weekly video podcast (that will also be available audio only) with Don in 2018. We'll give it a year, if it gets traction we'll keep doing it... if not, we won't. I feel like so much of ME is missing from "The Journey" because of Facebook taking the place of those thoughts, I just want to capture talking about present events and there's just no better way that through a weekly talk show with a friend. The name I have come up with is "Flash & The Fundamentals" because although one might think race best defines our differences, it's actually not even close. I'm the nuts & bolts guy, he's the swagger. It defines how we almost always talk to each other about our issues in life. I find it wildly interesting and I hope to document the REAL DON for at least a year so before his ass dies people don't think he's Goldie Fuckin' Wilson. Make your mark man, it ain't the tooth.
This podcast Jay is starting is called "Everything But" and he wants to interview people about the shit no one usually talks about because they're so busy talking about their own shit. I feel the same in Hats & Minigolf interviews. Jay and I have great conversations and they generally go on forever so I can see why he wanted me to be his first guest. Now, here's my connundrum...
Jay voted for Trump. And as much as I wanted to edit this down to 15 minutes or whatever, I really really really think it's valuable for people who think Trump voters are a certain way... to watch this ENTIRE VIDEO. Have it almost shock you. Now, my personal opinion is that Jay is the normal, white, male that is mostly concerned about what affects him and those closest to him therefore most liberal causes do indeed fall flat for him. But even that being said, it's fascinating to hear this guy talk and know that he walked into a voting booth, read the name "DONALD TRUMP" and thought "yeah, that's my guy." I don't give a fuck how much Hillary annoyed you, there's something extremely fucked up about our information sources if you thought the LITERAL AFFECTATION OF MR. BURNS FROM THE SIMPSONS was a reasonable choice.

I'm stealing my own lines from the podcast. I'll let you take it in. It ain't short, but it's interesting.
Good stuff. Just watched it again. Looking forward to doing this weekly with Don. And of course, when Jay is in town, we'll have a conversation with him. Oh yeah, "Flash & The Fundamentals" will be shot at the GolfKon bar.