3:16 PM, Sunday, November 19th, 2017:
I was driving in traffic (on a Sunday... of course that means bumper to bumper in LA) and I opened my door as I always do when I'm going this slow because the car has no air conditioning. Man if you could just rebuild that car from scratch and add what you want, right?
Oh wait.

I realized this is probably a view most people never see, so I switched my GPS to camera and shot a few minutes. Figured it would be an interesting thing to watch.
Uhh, so was it? I have literally dragged my hand on the highway while in traffic on these freeways. The car is SO low and the door opens so wide... it's just eerie. I mean, I'm used to it... but it still kinda gets me. I mean, I don't really drive the car that much.
Then again? Good year. Like an 80 event year type of year. Granted not the 116 of 2015, but also not the 58 of last year. So that...
...well, that's what makes the car problems so much bigger. And I know what everyone's saying "just tow it!". U-Haul will not rent car-haulers to Ford Explorers so I have to get Don to help me and then switch the hauler so believe me, that's a last resort. It also adds a TON of time to what may only be a 2-hour gig and 20 minutes of driving. Like that could add 5-6 hours. Plus expense... it makes no sense. The reason I can charge what I charge is the fact that I drive the car.
But I am slowly working out what the issues could and couldn't be. It's a lot of replacing guesswork and in the meantime learning how cars work. Right now there's an issue with my fuel pump that's causing a loss of power. I think I know what to do but it's an easy 4-hour job just to test it. I'll have some time next month to address that.
In the meantime though... life moves on. Last night's 259th event for RentTheDelorean.com went smoothly (oh wait, except the passenger's side door won't unlock? FUCKING DELOREANS) and we move onto Monday! Crazy week.
I appreciate that...