12:51 PM, Thursday, November 9th, 2017:
This kinda breaks my heart.
GolfKon players have become accustomed to really, really professional videos for what we all know is a silly backyard game. It was all done in part because I wanted it to lead to more for the charities and sponsors but it simply hasn't because I would then also need someone to LEAD that portion of things. I generally push the limits as to what's possible for one person and the Fastest Delorean doc killed it this year. My heart is elsewhere. I cannot produce 30 minute videos (that literally 22 people watch) that take nearly 80 hours of editing to pull off.
However, that does mean we miss incredible moments. Now, I still have all the raw footage from the events. I save it all. Could conceivably go back... but most likely won't. There is one person who just got the shitty end of this deal: Ethan.
Ethan came along last year and was clearly a golfer and was committed to winning a tournament even though Matt is just lights-out on this course. I mean... He's pretty much controlled his own destiny in every torunament he's ever played in for 3 years. And this year? He's sweeped it all coming into Halloween.
And then this happened:
Matt leaves Golf Hard for the Championship round (you have to do it at least once in the 3 rounds of the tournament) and it bites him in the ass. Sunuvabitch Ethan deserves a freaking good video. Doesn't mean he's gonna get it - LOL - but he deserves it.

But he will get a trophy next year, he will get his own drink at the bar and he gets a mention in the Journey for coming in and knocking off the king meaning Matt still has a reason to come back (a clean sweepr Grand Slam) and beat us all for the forseeable future.
Congrats to Ethan!