5:57 PM, Thursday, November 2nd, 2017:
So behind on Journey entries and I blame it all on Mario Odyssey. Whew. Things have also been extremely busy for RentTheDelorean.com and as you'll see, Halloween was madness, but From Thursday 10/26 at 9pm until tonight (and for the foreseeable future) the entire family has been captivated with that plumber. Whew. Anyway, let's get to the monstrosity that was Halloween!
Man, I could've stretched that out to a couple entries, but I wanted to catch up. And truthfully, that was all one glorious day. And may I also add how much this meant to me?
Talya sent me this while I was at the gig and I had to walk away I was getting so emotional. I mean he talks like this all day, but to see it written down... goddamn that's funny. He's so passionate about the entire Nintendo universe. It's crazy.
Anyway, it's November, I'm exhausted and, well, there may be a reason for that. The travels through doctorland have been crazy and there's a lot to talk about.
Getting older isn't fun. But knowing what's happening certainly helps.