11:08 AM, Tuesday, October 24th, 2017:
So I got the check for the disputed extra hour and this was going to be an entry explaining all the ways this company was unprofessional that lead to us having no choice but to order a pizza and eat it in the hallway during a dinner event. And then I watched this footage...
...this is how I remember this night, Jimmy. We've had dozens of adventures where we were treated well and did amazing things. There will probably only be one this laughably bad and think about what that means in 2017? Dressed to the 9s, playing the NBA2K18 on the Switch (and finally beating Bird and Magic) and eating Dominos at the Ritz Carlton. Somehow, two kids from Ohio made this their life. That still makes me shake my head.
And all I see is our fathers. The friendship and brotherhood they shared has been passed to us and it fits like a glove. The event company was still atrocious...
...but this was a great night.