7:33 PM, Thursday, October 19th, 2017:
Man I love this month. The hits just keep on comin'! Anniversary time!!!
I have to admit, it's a little tough seeing the newspapers since last year. Here's hoping next year the man has resigned. I have kept most of the politics off The Journey (because there are no more politics) but rest assured, it's a part of life. We're living in times they'll talk about in 50 years and say "man, that must've been awful."
Hell, I HOPE they can say that.
Anyway - we are in the throws of familydom man. This is the good life. This is the midst of a ten year period/chapter Talya and I will hope never ends. Part of me thinks saying that will ease the pain of them leaving, but I'm not sure. I will say this - I have yet to truly "miss" any age. I have it all so well documented and on my big screen it's like you're there. If I want to remember what Cam or Vienna was like at a month old - I have hours of footage. But as I've said this whole month: it's overwhelming how fun it is to spend time with them.

And of course, 7 years ago today I met Talya. That sure does get lost in all the kid stuff sometimes but I hope people understand that it's because of our great relationship that we have so much fun with the kids. I presume that people reading/watching realize we adore each other and this is so CLEARLY a success story, but balancing "us" as a couple and "them" as our kids as opposed to "us" as a family is nearly impossible. Family time IS "us" time usually and we're very lucky we both adore them as much as the other does. I cannot fathom what the struggle would be like if one of us didn't like kids. I mean, clearly it happens... but the rift it would create between us. Wow. Hard to believe there are couples that deal with that on top of having children. Must royally fuck the kids up to boot. As dysfunctional as the relationships were around me as a kid, I never felt unwanted or unloved. Ever. Nothing remotely close. Everyone in my life generally liked being around me. I can think of only one and that was so bizarre that it stood out as THAT PERSON'S problem, not mine. If it was one of my parents or step-parents? Whew.
So happy anniversary to everyone! And come to think of it we've now had 4 anniversaries as a complete family. Over half. Crazy.
Oh, and, expect not to hear from me for a bit as Mario Odyssey will be coming out next week. I'm so excited I can barely stand it. Cam is gonna FLIPPPPPPPPPPP!!!