11:47 AM, Saturday, October 11th, 2017:
This was the biggest pain in the ass, ever. But holy shit will Cameron never, ever, ever forget this.
The best part? That picture never happened. That is literally 5 different pieces of the following video that I had to piece back together because you never, ever try to take just a photo in a situation like this. You take a video and then work it out later. Yay, photoshop. Also, Nintendo released a new commercial for Mario Odyssey yesterday so I decided to cut it all into our day.
Sooooooooooo awesome. We are sooooooooooooooo excited for this game. Cam watches videos of it daily. He's obsessed to no end with Mario. It's awesome. I am also, personally, very excited. Just such an awesome time!
However, having to pay for UNIVERSAL STUDIOS amusement park parking and try and time it with sitting in a line when it's 100 degrees out with kids that have no idea what's happening - ONLY TO FIND OUT IT WAS THE LINE TO PLAY A DEMO AND we could've gone somewhere else to meet him? FUUUUUUUCK. It was just an amazing clusterfuck. Totally unorganized but oh well - we did it. When all is said and done we will remember that picture and that video.
COME ON OCTOBER 27TH! Ready to play this game!