11:17 AM, Friday, October 6th, 2017:
Vienna, you are very lucky. You'll probably read this in another 5 years and it'll make a lot more sense...
Your Oma is practically a second mother since she lives so close and sees you multiple times a week. And while Nana lives very far away, thanks to FaceTime and her personality? You will still be close. Grandmothers are a special thing for a little girl. In fact I remember Nana talking about her grandmother as a child sooooooo well. I am heartbroken you never got to meet my Nana, she meant the world to me. I barely have 10 seconds of her on video because I simply always thought she'd be around. Maybe that's why I'm so crazy about documenting my life with you and Cam.
Anyway, I know you don't appreciate it at the moment as much as you will later, but it still warms my heart how openly you love to be with Oma and Nana. You exhausted Nana this week while she was here! I think she did more arts and crafts with you this week than she has in years. And they both love you very, very, very much.
It's also sad that Yaya isn't able to come out with Papou as much since she's had to take care of her own parents. Since they've passed you'll be able to spend more time with her as well. And wow, you get 3! Lucky, lucky, lucky.
Love you hon,