8:01 PM, Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017:
Whew. A lot to digest in this one. Sometimes, ya just gotta watch the video.
Man, I don't know what to add. I kind of glazed over the heart stuff, so lemme get to that...
I haven't been to a doctor in like 15 years. Had a shitty experience with a deviated septum surgery and gave up on ever fixing my sinus/ear issues. They're bad. My eustachian tubes are always blocked. If I get a cold, although my body gets through it quickly, I will have shit in my ears for MONTHS after and it never fully goes away. It affects my sleep and lately with all the stress with Kenny and the car issues (that are worse than they ever were) it's just been awful. Well guess how awful...
...I go to the doctor and my blood pressure is high. It varies from High to High Normal in the morning. And while I do have some anxiety and stress with the car, etc. - I'm the least anxious person on the planet. I mean, I think? High blood pressure makes NO sense to me...
...except after some research if you're not getting oxygen at night? Your body makes up for it through the day with higher blood pressure. I got a home blood pressure unit and it was somewhat better at night - sometimes even normal... but still, rarely normal - almost always too high. FUUUUUUUCK that.
So to the ENT we go, sleep studies, the whole 9. So we're gonna figure this out. But it's scary for me. I mean, I'm a little overweight. I'm 170 and soft. I could be 150-160 with some work, but after the stress of the documentary I am taking it easy on myself and not working out and happily eating a bit too much and enjoying the kids. It's my normal routine for October-December but let me tell you - if we fix this sleep thing!??!
Oh shit. With actual energy? I can't fathom what I could accomplish. I get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Here's to figuring this out!
And yes, obviously, love my kids. Just whew... the baton has been passed. I want to see what happens to THEM next more than anything I could do.
Generational shift.