4:45 PM, Sunday, October 1st, 2017:
I was somewhat bemoaning the editing of this because it's identical to all the other ones. I kinda hate repeating myself but if there's one thing I've learned from being a parent it's that everything changes. If you've found one thing that is the same an entire year later? Soak it in. It too, will be gone. And you will miss the bouncy house and the same location for the birthday song, etc. She's already 5, 10 is the same amount of time away. Something tells me she'll talk me into putting that bouncy house up at 15. Just because it's funny.
That will make me weep.
Anywho... here you are:
...am I allowed to say something about the kid asking for a "turn" to rip open her present?!?! Fuck man, if I saw one of my kids doing that I would REMOVE THEM IMMEDIATELY. I understand if they're 2 or under - but another 5 year old? Vienna handled that INCREDIBLY well I might add. And I'm sure the parent just didn't see that so if you're reading this I'm not slamming your parenting - I just couldn't believe it when I saw it. Maybe it's more common than I think.
Anyway - good party! We are now in October and whew... I'm exhausted. Just, exhausted. Always.