1:08 PM, Thursday, September 29th 2017:
A few years back I did an entry about, well, duh Adam - no need to allude, it's all here:
Basically an essay about the concerns of my family never really knowing THAT Adam. I love that Adam. I am that Adam. Just because I hit this alternate reality of UNBRIDLED HAPPINESS doesn't mean he's gone... it just means I'm ignoring him. He's whiny. He's drama. He doesn't mean to be, but his talents are such that it will be dramatic. He's the guy that makes me talk about myself in the THIRD FUCKING PERSON.
So the fact that I get to walk into a bookstore and pull out a magazine and my 5 year old kid sees me in it? That's a pretty cool moment:
...and of course in true Journey fashion I couldn't let that be. I had to stumble down my videblogging hole and relive everything in a matter of seconds and feel like I just got the flu. Awful. Glad I'm here now, but wow. Awful.
I'd also be lying if I didn't think the next chapter after RentTheDelorean is more in line with my talents and my kids will see me perform, etc. They need to see that. It doesn't even matter if I'm 50 doing an Egos reunion (that would be very, very funny), they need to know and they will. I will probably never be as famous as I thought I should be in my 20s and 30s. In fact, I'm almost certain of that because I just never cared enough then... so I certainly won't now - but life does turn on a dime and I'm extremely adept at running with that flow as long as it can go. So hope is absolutely not lost...
...but this right here... wow. Popular Mechanics. A publication since 1902 (is that notable enough for you WIKIPEDIA - lol)... it's an unbelievable honor for me. CLEARLY. So a big thank you to them for including me in that timeline. And for using skinny Adam as the picture. Ya could've gone so many ways with THAT one.