8:53 AM, Saturday, September 23rd, 2017:
Yes nearly 2 weeks have passed. I'm in healing mode after getting the record and truth be told - I'm just playing a bunch of video games with my kids because holy shit I can play video games with my kids. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?
I'll be honest, I owe it all to Nintendo's iPad/iPhone game: Mario Run. Cam hadn't even turned 3 yet, but because of the simple controls, he was able to play. And play really well. It lead to some YouTube rabbit holes for him where he just watched gameplay videos. I noticed he could scan the screen and understand multiple things happening at once.  Games are no longer just eye-hand coordination, you have to have the mental ability to multi-task incoming information that is faster than ever. Now that I've gotten back into gaming with the Switch? I see that my skills in that area have fallen off. I mean, I can still beat the shit out of everyone in the house and even playing Mario Kart online - I'm kind of a badass... but whew. Rayman is giving me a run for my money. And since Cam is already a music fiend - the fact that several of the Rayman levels are timed to music? That creates this awesome video...
Cam is absolutely MARIO CRAZY so this game is to hold is over until Mario's new game comes out, but since you can dress Rayman up in a Mario costume? It's close enough. LMAO.
What's weird for me however, is that it's even time for this. I literally put my games away when I got the CBS gig in 2006. Kinda played the music/rockband stuff - but those aren't really games. Had the wii for a heartbeat and gave it away... I just didn't have time and had too much to accompish. I figured someday when I have kids there will be a new Nintendo and it'll be fun through their eyes. And, well, it really is 2017. That much time has indeed passed. And he gets it! Like, he really understands what's going on - can play a bit - and we're having a LOT of fun. Like "really hard to want to do anything else EVER AGAIN" kind of fun. There are moments Cam is so happy he turns to me and kisses me and then keeps watching. I know parents freak out about screen time with kids but it really does depend on how they're processing it. What they're doing. I had the same arguments with my mom when I was a kid and gaming taught me everything in the world about accomplishing your goals, preparing yourself for failing... it's a massive life lesson every time you play. We're obviously not playing the violent stuff (nor do I think he'd have any interest), so it's pretty much about balance. The kid goes to school every day, is always running around doing shit - playing videogames after dinner makes him happier than I've ever seen him. Almost to the point that if I ever see Mario I might punch him in the face. I mean, holy shit this kid talks about Mario 24-7...
...but I love him. And I love our bond. :-)