6:21 PM, Friday, September 8th, 2017:
Did I just land on a book? The reaction to my "hope" line is crazy. Had no idea I was this weird. Anyway, I'm WAY ahead of myself. Spent an hour with Frangela - edited it down to under 30. Great time. Enjoy...
So much fun. I do indeed miss radio. But I also have no hope and my "character" wouldn't be fun to listen to long-term. I'm a good guest. Frangela are two of my favorite radio personalities ever. I just adore them. They were booked last year to do Hats & Minigolf and then the development deal hell happened. I will be doing a show with them once the documentary is over for pure FUN. Can't wait. Now...
...is this idea of "peace through letting go of hope" something I should keep talking/writing about? Did I land on something? Granted, it's kind of along the lines of the "accept the things you cannot change" route - but what I'm saying is: everything we hoped for as a society in the 20th century is done. It will be getting worse. The stupidity revolution or the "Age of Unenlightenment" as I call it is only going to broaden. The time I've spent in the Flat-Earth groups has been eye-opening to say the least. It's over. This is idiocracy...
...so how does that make me happy? Because I'm pretty goddamned happy. It's as I've said - this idea that we can sit here and continue to play politics like 63 million people didn't just vote for the EPITOME of greed, corruption and just plain ridiculousness is stupid. It's just silly. We did. When The Simpsons did an episode showing a future where Trump is running for president 15 years ago... that was a commentary on THE COUNTRY, not Trump. That was the joke. Trump is so obviously awful, so clearly corrupt your society would have to be completely defunct to elect him.
We're here. While I'm somehwat curious about whether the constitution can remove him - I have no hope that we'll be back to normalcy after that. The electorate has a BROKEN MEDIA system. We can't penetrate that. There is no fix I know of (please, tell me a way if I'm wrong Mr. Zuckerberg WHO WONT EVEN LABEL FAKE FUCKING NEWS), and understanding that takes the weight of the "Star Trek Future" off my shoulders. Would've been nice, humans are incapable. We're fearful stupid creatures that can now program our own news for whatever we want it to be. That's the end of a society for all intents and purposes.
Am I sad for my kids? Not really. This will be their new reality and they'll find ways to be happy within it. If there was a big electromagnetic field that crossed the planet and made all electronic devices stop working - as sad as us living would feel? Future generations would work with those cards that were dealt. I mean, I'm FUCKING THRILLED I got 40 years in the world from 1975-2015. Like - YAY! I hope to give my kids as much of that as possible. But this is a whole new ball of wax.
A lot to think about but I am seriously considering writing a book now. My biggest reservation is that for most people "Hope" is what keeps them ALIVE. Without it the world is unliveable. I don't want to be the guy that takes that away. Fuck, I don't even want to sway them. But maybe if I can make it a positive that will work. Who knows.
Jesus, what other hats am I gonna come up with next!?!?