11:10 AM, Tuesday, September 5th, 2017:
This is always the recurring theme with The Journey but for some reason it has come up a bunch this year. Maybe because this whole race car thing is NOT me in the least? Yeah, that's probably it.
So I was listening to Lady Madonna and realized how dark the lyrics were in juxtaposition to the production. So I did a me version. And, yeah - it sounded like me.
My music career was always doomed. My shit is always heart-wrenching. Who would BUY this shit? Who would come SEE this shit? And you can't be Weird Al Yankovic... plus this shit. You know? So my funny stuff doesn't even work. I'm just a general awful experience even if I'm REALLY good at making people experience the emotion. Interesting.
...and as you can imagine I'm going through some shit right now. Yes it's with the documentary. Yes it's with how to deal with everything and it sucks. In the midst of it however, Frangela asked me to be on the radio with 'em. THAT is awesome. So, well, I guess The Journey gets even crazier. From the racing hat to the singing hat to the politics hat.
I do like hats.