9:45 PM, Tuesday, July 18th, 2017:
I swear to holy hell. This is the year of Trump and a looming civil war and I'm spending my time ranting about THIS SHIT. HOLY GOD I can't STAND THIS.
It's idiocracy. It just is. You should see my fucking Facebook page when I posted this. I'm talking INSANITY. Arguing and arguing and arguing that the fact that it's the same $100 bill matters. That we have to take into account the price of the inventory that was bought with the stolen money.

OOOOOOOOOOOH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD. Listen, here's all I'll give ya: If someone is going to steal money from you, yes, you'd probably prefer they spend it in your store - PRESUMING THEY DON'T BUY A LOSS LEADER. Assuming you make SOME profit on EVERY SINGLE ITEM YOU SELL? Yes, your "loss" will be slightly less than $100. But that's literally making shit up. We don't have any of that information. The word problem is very clear. And in fact is originally a multiple choice question so none of that other shit matters.

So annoying. We're all gonna die. These idiots are going to kill us all. Hug your children. Get ready for a front seat to the end of the world...
...and obviously I'm not just talking about this word problem. If you have faith in the country that elected Donald Trump president, you're delusional.
Oh well.