4:59 PM, Thursday, July 6th, 2017:
I am so far past my average of 8 entries a month because of the Fastest Delorean entries... then once I think I'm gonna get a breather? Popular Mechanics calls and they want to interview me for a "History of Video" Feature for their October 2017 Issue and, well, I'm the first Video Blogger.
So, true to form, here's a video of the interview:
I've given that interview probably 20 times in the past 18 years and I'm always surprised how there's new information I never mentioned previously that gets brought up. Kinda cool. The angle here is more technical since being the first at something implies it was really hard. And, well, it really was a challenge in 1999-2000 to post online video routinely (even maintained my 8 per month pace in 2000!) yet be accessible enough for anyone to actually download. It was dumb-luck that I was doing such a video-intesnive project in 2000 when I decided to move to LA or else I never would've had the motivation to do a video blog. It really was ridiculous to do consistently. Ahhh these Youtubers have noooooo idea how good they have it.
Anyway - COOL ENTRY! Oh and I didn't mention the interviewer's name because I figure all that will be covered in the actual issue entry in October. Sometimes authors change and I'd hate to document some embarassing failure for some guy by accident. I leave that shit for ME PERSONALLY.
And The Journey rolls on...