10:16 PM, Sunday, June 25th, 2017:
Why am I awake!? Oh yeah, adrenaline and caffeine. I do not have the party video done, but when it is done, it will go here:
My memory is that it was fun. I spent the majority of my time throwing children as hard as I could down a slip & slide and I'll be honest: that's kinda fun. I believe there's only video of another dad doing it so he looks like the asshole. The kids love it, but it was still a bizarre feeling. I of course drag raced this morning in record heat and didn't have any caffeine all morning until AFTER the race so I was a zombie going through the motions but I made it to the party! I wrapped all the presents! Talya got that house lookin' GOOOOOOOOOOD. Parenting challenges for the WIN!
Cam had an awesome day and got a ton of cool toys. He's especially excited about the board games which is fun. Finally some actual skill games (Yeti in my spaghetti) where it's not pure luck if you win. Yes I'm competitive, yes I get bored easily at fucking Candy-Land games... yes I'm ready to throw down with my kids. Sue me.
OK - I must sleep. I'll make the video very nice. And of course, this week the racing video.