7:41 PM, Saturday, June 24th, 2017:
Well after 3 straight years, I think we've successfully engrained in everyone's head that THIS IS HIS BIRTHDAY. Some people don't like it, some people just HAVE to add in "HALF" which, though technically correct, just makes it seem not official and goddamnit, the kid deserves his own official day. Anyway, here's his song...
Real kid. Good kid. Man I wish the kids could come to the race tomorrow. The problem is it's so far and it could be over in a seconds. The kids are only ever in the car THAT long to go to Disneyland. So showing up at a drag race would be a form of torture... but I know if it was close they would enjoy seeing their dad do that.
And, my goodness, Cam is nuts about cars. It's so engrained in boys, you know? What did they do before cars? Did they just pretend there WERE cars? Is that why we HAVE cars? The world may never know...
Alright, so this is a slightly rushed entry as I'm preparing for the race and trying to film the thing. I gotta be up at like 3:30 to get there early enough for the car to cool down. And of course after the race it's his PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Man, so much to shoot and edit. I'm gonna collapse tomorrow night.
Happy Birthday MY MAN!