9:03 PM, Friday, June 23rd, 2017:
Hope. What an expensive mother-fucker.
So, well, goddamnit - I guess I'm doing this Sunday. Here's why:
I must say though, I really feel I can end this or I wouldn't attempt it. Clear horsepower upgrade, working tach so I can shift exactly when necessary. If that isn't worth 3/10ths of a second something is seriously, seriously wrong.
That being said, I've never done this before... so... although I think I know what to suspect? I don't. My biggest concern is if I don't get it right away - do I do the dreaded "shift without lifting the gas" trick? Google drag racing - that's what they actually fucking do. If I can do it WITHOUT that I will, but what if I'm like .02 short and that does it!?!?! That being said, talking with the guys at the shop - it seems pretty clear that I should even be able to hit the 11s. Unless I'm WAY off on the weight of the car, I think this will happen.
And no, I don't even want to start with the fucking clutch and computer issue mentioned in the video. If I get the record I will never mention it in the documentary - we can just gloss the fuck over all of it...
...however if I don't? I wasn't kidding in the video: this is all fucked. I have no other options other than documenting me fixing all the mistakes. We're staring at July now. I'll have had it as long as he did trying to figure out what he lied about, what he said he did, LEARNING HOW TO FIX SHIT that even he didn't know... it's going to be the bulk of the entire story. If this pushes into the fall?! How else do you tell the story?!?! If it takes a year and Kenny is January-March? Uhm, he's like 15 minutes and the entirety becomes fixing all the mistakes. I can't protect him anymore, I can't gloss over it.
If I break 12.66 Sunday none of that matters.
Hold your breath.