8:40 PM, Monday, June 19th, 2017:
So although my father has visited yearly since the grandkids were born, Lonna has been taking care of her ailing parents and getting away has been impossible. Sadly, her mother passed away in April which allowed for the first of hopefully many visits. The kids had a blast with her in Ohio and somehow all of our footage is OF the kids, not necessarily the kids WITH their grandparents. Funny how you forget about that shit when you're shooting sometimes. Even grabbing my dad's files we did the same thing: shot the kids. HA. We'll have to do better at that next time ;-)
However, since it was Lonna's first visit since GolfKon or the HTC Vive was a thing... she's the star of this video:
So glad she got that eagle. And yes, if you haven't tried legit VR where you can walk around a room inside the headset - please do it. It's that real, it's that awesome and Lonna was sure a whale was coming to eat her.
Hoping they'll be able to make it back for Jimmy's wedding next year! Fun visit. And man, we really did everything humanly possible with them including seeing Cars 3 today. They really got to see all the fun shit the kids do from gymnastics to parks, etc. Exhausting through their eyes I'm sure. It's just our normal day-to-day. God love Talya for the amount of things she pulls off with them. It is easily more than I could do. There'd be several days of:  "THERE'S A CHAIR, MAKE UP A GAME." if I was in charge.