2:46 PM, Thursday, June 1st, 2017:
Chris Cornell's death hit me harder than I realized at the time. Funny thing about music is that it can seep into your bones when you least expect it. His voice reverberates INTO you. Freddie Mercury had it. This other-worldly power... but his music was rarely as vulnerable as nearly every Chris Cornell song. Nearly 20 years ago when he released his first solo album I was as certain as I've been about ANYTHING that it would catapult him into another level of superstardom. It didn't. It was somehow a failure. I never understood it, I never accepted it. It still stands as one of the most unjustified music stories out there. The album is perfect.
Two days before he died I was working on the car and out of the blue had my Amazon echo shuffle all of his songs on Prime Music. Had been awhile since I checked into what he was doing and I was so thrilled to hear really recent shit. He was still performing, writing... I got excited. I started thinking about the long list of artists I hope to interview on my show, and he was clearly on it. The next night he would hang himself. Felt so cruel to have just reconnected with that voice that meant so much to me and then have it ripped away. Throw in all the stuff that has happened with Kenny... it was this massive depression. I mean that in almost a literal sense: I felt a weight on my being that I had to fight through.  When that happens, I always sing, I always write...
...however if there was ever a singer/songwriter you should never attempt to cover, it was Chris Cornell. His voice is of the Gods and since his passing I cannot stop hearing it. It's been quite a while since I've gone through the personal loss and pain that would elicit these songs, but Kenny socked me good. Throw all of that together? I make this. Instead of trying to mimic the God, I'm simply turning it into an old-school Adam Journey song and trying to get it out of my system. It's the only therapy I know.
Man it's tough to watch that and know that I will be remembered as the guy who owned a Delorean. Maybe I won't. Maybe it is just a colorful chapter. No matter what, this entry is more me than anything I've ever posted with a car.
I guess you can have the "Fastest Delorean in the World", but you can't change me.