3:38 PM, Wednesday, May 31st, 2017:
Holy shit. I legit got this video done IN MAY. I changed how I edited it - no interviews and just highlights... that's probably how it's gonna be for awhile. I mean, fuck I haven't even't finished March Madness because it's such a beast. Anyway, here ya go:
Black space for spoilers...
...no fuck that - Matt won. Of course Matt won. Matt only loses if he has a bizarre meltdown which half of us think he just chooses to do to keep it interesting. No one is even close to him and I'm not sure what more can be done. I mean - YAY! Wanted great players but it would seem we simply have A GREAT PLAYER and the rest of us vying for positioning to get beaten by him.
Oh well. It was a fun day. I'm pretty bored with the videos though. As a guy who doesn't like repeating himself, uhm, that's all these videos are.
C'est La vie.