3:20 PM, Friday, May 26th, 2017:
It's a really crazy thing about The Journey... when something is set in stone here I'm suddenly 20 years from now looking back. It's not like that when you share stuff on Facebook. Facebook is immediate and present whereas this has a WEIGHT to it. No deleting this shit. This is forever.
So watching this video I'm suddenly looking through the eyes of my kids and thinking:  "Wow, what a bizarre childhood we had." I mean, it stands to reason that with my background I wouldn't be like most fathers, but watching this video it just kinda smacks you in the head:
Oh my GODDDDDDDDDDD how adorable is Vienna!??!?! So different than a year ago. Cam always loved the speed but I think he was a little surprised at just, how, fast, the car is. Too cool. It is quite an undertaking to make videos like this but I'm always so glad I did. Just the sweetest timepiece.
The car still has all the old issues (except the starter that was easily replaced) and now I'm getting a pretty distinct clutch smell after driving it more than 10 minutes. Just doesn't make sense, I've barely driven it. Can't fathom 3 drag pulls had anything to do with it. Just makes you wonder what happened in Ohio last month. Ugh.
Alright... MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT UP NEXT! Video by Thanksgiving.