7:41 AM, Wednesday, May 10th, 2017:
So I wake up this morning with evvvvvvvvvvvvvvverything finally being unlocked. This is a very strange feeling and one I haven't had since April 21st. Doesn't seem like a long time, but boy oh boy has it felt like it. Mostly because there could've been 20 entries in that time. I ended up making the "Kenny Week" one massive entry/video because it felt wrong to make cliffhangers every 5 minutes. This isn't a reality show to me. There's also the issue of people watching only one and not understanding, yadda yadda. Every time I tried to split the stories it felt like I was somehow INFLUENCING the story with editing. So the story became the 2 week period where I struggled with if I should make things public and that's really how it should be. I don't like interjecting drama when it's personal. Did we break the record? Yay. That's good drama. Am I speaking to my brother? FIND OUT NEXT TIME! I can't do that shit. I realize that if this became a series that would probably be out of my hands, but for the love of fuck I can't push those buttons. This is too raw.
BUT IT'S RACE DAY - so let's share what is easily, clearly, indisputably the best video of this project:
A little black space for spoilers...
Those three dudes made that day one of the most memorable and fun days of my life. I mean, looking at the entry number it should be clear to you that documenting the JOURNEY is what fuels me. If this was easy, what the hell would be the point? There is also something quite poetic about that car NOT performing. It all fits. It makes sense. It wasn't ready. I have no idea why Kenny kept telling me to drive it, I have no idea why Kenny kept saying we'd EASILY beat 12.66 and said we had to worry about the 11.49 rule where you have to have a roll cage to compete. Is it possible Kenny doesn't actually know what he's talking about... at all? Not that he's lying, but he actually doesn't know motors/times/drag races, etc? I really can't tell right now. I saw the cars in the 11s. This car ain't getting in the 11s even with ALLL the problems fixed. It's also probably never getting much more than that 448.1 HP we got. There's simply no reason to believe that considering what was done with the car. The more I learn, the more I realize all of this was WAY off. And I'm really scratching my head about that. I thought this is what he did. I thought he built cars and raced them. I'm starting to think he just works at a place that does that? I keep thinking about that shop bet he had with Drew. Drew knew it wasn't getting into the 500s just by seeing what Kenny did. Why would he make that bet? He's worked their longer than Kenny. He knew. It would all be fascinating stuff if not for this being my brother.
What I do love about all of this? You can't hide from a 1/4 mile time. All your bullshit about percentages goes RIGHT out the window when the green light hits and you have to get that car to the finish line. And after seeing what Ray had to deal with I think it's pretty clear Kenny wanted me to drive it so he had a fucking excuse for why it didn't make the time. Ray has been doing drag races for nearly 20 years and it was still, in his own words, a "horror" to try and run that car.
The immediate question is why the fuck would I rush it to the race if it was so CLEARLY not ready? Because I was following Kenny's lead. We were talking 11s the entire time. He was so sure it would break 11.49 that we talked about how if he didn't launch perfectly he'd coast so he got a high number and they wouldn't kick us off the track. So once Kenny was out of the picture? Getting enough to break 12.66 seemed more than attainable considering everything Kenny said. I didn't give a fuck about the low 11s. I just wanted to END this shit. 12.65? Awesome. Done. Now let's NEVER put my car through this shit so I can make it to Billy's birthday party already. The times are all ego shit that I don't care about. Just want to be able to say it's the Fastest Delorean in the World because that's what the GODDAMN SHIRT says and I want to move on.
Now that it's clear that we are in the MIDDLE of this documentary, I can process this whole thing a little better. And again, poetically, karmically, that car stalling and then not starting at the beginning of the first race is exactly what should've happened. It was stalling and not starting in Ohio. Nearly 2 months ago. I told Kenny every time and he said it was no big deal. Just wait a few seconds and it would start. After the race, Ray and I replaced the starter and it was the easiest fucking thing in the world. Why he didn't do that 2 months ago is beyond me. Clearly it was bad. Oh and side note - in one of the videos I said Nicholas helped me with that issue and obviously it wasn't fixed. He had simply mentioned that he needed a new bigger battery for his motor or a FULLY charged one, so I charged everything and connected them together and it worked a couple times. Thought it was enough, it wasn't. But I just didn't want to make him look bad here. Good piece of advice, it just happened to be a bit more than that. Still probably need a stronger battery for the engine.
Can I just say how funny it is watching Goldie race? Can I just say how funny it is that the Aussie fucker raced his RENTAL CAR? And that day through his eyes? He went from buying the Twin Pines Package to getting the Unattainable Package spending the day with Goldie and having the time of his life. So crazy. There was actually much more to our "after-party" but we were too tired to film it all. LOL. Also a big thank you to Marshall for helping with the camera stuff. He came all the way out just to help and ended up leaving after our final run. It's crazy how this all came together considering it wasn't happening until Thursday night. 36 hours to pull that off? Whew. Kickass.
Alright. There's even more to chronicle that happened afterwards (that will make you fucking livid) and certainly ends any concern over hurting Kenny's reputation. Should have that done tomorrow.
Ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves a great story.