7:10 AM, Monday, May 8th, 2017:
A whirlwind of a weekend and I wake up on Monday morning as a complete stranger is sleeping on our couch. But I did not spend a weekend with a stranger, I spent it with a friend... how on earth did we get here? Facebook. I asked on Facebook if anyone had ever done a 1/4 mile race and Ray said yes. That's it. A short phone call and I said "why not?" and bought him a ticket. Then we did an interview...
Of course, since it's now Monday morning, I indeed know what happened Sunday but at this point nothing is unlocked. Nothing about Kenny... I mean NADA. It's fairly clear now how this will play out and it's a matter of preparing everything for that. I'm still in a bit of a haze, but some axel bolts that were not tightened by Kenny changed that. Man, I need to concentrate on what's in the video. My head is spinning...
Ray and I hit it off immediately. We joked about how we both wondered what we'd do had we NOT? But thankfully, and sincerely, we did. My personality type tends to be IN YOUR FACE vulnerable (does that make sense?). I'm unabashedly honest about being heartbroken or angry or confused... there's no filter with me. I don't look abashed when talking about something sad, I say "THIS IS FUCKING SAD" and try and deal with it. Since Ray and I were thrown into this situation in mere hours? That amplified the inertia of that for BOTH of us. We were talking about our relationships, past and present, almost immediately and you could tell he was happy that I wasn't some arrogant know-it-all "LA" guy. In fact I was a "I DONT KNOW SHIT, LITERALLY EXPLAIN EVERYTHING" guy and I listened as much as possible. My back is against the wall here and has been since the moment I got the car back. I never even documented how horrible the period was from 4/26-5/2. I was under that car the entire time trying to figure shit out because I had gigs! This is for my JOB!
Anyway, Ray appreciated my approach and was ready, to, ROLL. He designed that neutral shut-off switch and we had to stop ourselves from talking all night. At which point I now need to move onto the next entry which mayyyyyyyyy be a couple days. It's a beast of a video.