11:06 AM, Monday, April 24th, 2017:
In the midst of chaos, there is beauty:
Though, I do need to tell the whole story...
So I presumed Vienna & Cam would be the flower girl and ring bearer and was geniunely surprised by Talya being a bridesmaid. However, Jimmy told me I was his best man a couple weeks ago at the GolfKon Tournament. He also told me everything else was a surprise and he couldn't talk about it. So when I got the card that said they wanted me to be the officiant, I thought the whole "best man" thing was a COMPLETE misdirection so I wouldn't guess and that someone else was the best man. I'm glad they turned off the camera because the punch to the stomach as that sunk in was almost too much to bear. After everything that happened with Kenny on Friday...
Man, I cannot help it. This is the truth and I can't just sanitize The Journey. Anyway - it was absolutely the betrayal from Kenny and then this assumed betrayal from Jimmy that rocked my shit. I can only imagine what I looked like. I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked him who the best man was and he said "You are, I already told you!"
"Wait, I'm BOTH? You can do that?" Like, how do I walk down the aisle? Do I just jump out? I guess all of that will be determined and hey, now I'm gonna be ordained because... let's add that to the list of shit that I do. It was a total whirlwind but finally, a beautiful one once I stopped thinking I was hoodwinked.
To any of you out there that have an issue with lying? This is what it can do to people. It rips them up far more than you understand. It strips them of their ability to believe ANYONE. It shakes them to their core. Fucking. Stop it.
Annnnnnnyway, next March is going to be beautiful. Congratulations to Kaylyn & Jimmy and congrats to the Kontras Family! Jimmy! We're doing it! We knew it after we washed the car man... this is happening.