8:48 PM, Sunday, April 23rd, 2017:
So this was clearly made BEFORE I got that last fucking video. And it's a shame. This was going to go up after the new dyno read and be a nice little interview. I really like Nicholas and this was honestly completely his idea. Instead, now THIS also gets locked until whenthefuckever and my entire site/life is on hold until I can talk to Kenny.
Either way, we officially got the horsepower record in March so the final dyno was just to get a clean pull and a good idea of what the numbers would be. So I guess we just watch this remembering that instead of everything being tainted with this ridiculous lie.
Ha. Good dude. Really like Nicholas and man, now I want to give the trophy BACK! Please beat me Nicholas. Please. It feels icky to even have it when there's so much shit around it. Well obviously someday I will unlock this video if I can't unlock the entry. Goddamn I thought I was past these moments in life where the entire goddamn journey was locked because my mind couldn't stop racing about the problem at hand. The next entry has nothing to do with any of this and I will do my damndest to leave it alone so it can stay up...
...and then pray to fuck I can figure this out next week. I will not be sleeping tonight.