8:36 AM, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017:
Thankfully it was date night last night (and quite a memorable one at that) so I could delay my MOTHERFUCKING HEAD EXPLODING long enough until this morning, but the sun has RISEN. AWAY WE GO:
That, is fucking fake. That was Kenny's attempt to TRICK me because... honestly I don't know. He said he faked it because they could only get 490 and when I asked for that pic or video he said he didn't take one. Nor was it saved in the computer. When I got pissed he told me to CANCEL THE FLIGHTS! WHAT?!?!
It's one thing to exagerrate, it's one thing to lie... but to OUT AND OUT FABRICATE A FUCKING video... WITH 
How fucking stupid is this!?!?! I'm supposed to just go along with this? I already told a ton of people what the read was! He had only texted me the numbers and given me a screen shot! I'm somehow NOT supposed to tell THEM the truth? I now have to lie WITH HIM or I destroy the project? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!
I can't process this shit. WHY THE FUCK would he do this? WE ALREADY HAVE THE RECORD. Was it because of that stupid fucking bet with Andrew at his shop? I never mentioned this but when we did the original dyno in March he said "Drew thinks this won't get over 500hp... he's gonna owe the shop lunch for a couple days!". Apparently it's a running thing where they make side bets and the loser buys food. I honestly never thought of it again until I was trying to rationalize this insanity. I was actually fucking uploading this to facebook since I was busy and couldn't make a proper video and then caught that the FUCKING NUMBERS weren't on the graph and it was FUCKING TIMESTAMPED 2014. It's a fucking graph of another car.

OHMYFUCKINGJESUS. If you're gonna be a criminal - BE A GOOD ONE. There aren't even any MOVING fucking numbers. Unbefuckinglievable.

AND HOW COULD THE OWNER OF THE SHOP think this was a good idea?!?!? IT'S FRAUD. It's FUCKING FRAUD. I mean, what in the fuck was HE thinking? Did he honestly think anyone was that stupid? Fine, you think I'm stupid (CLEARLY) but you don't consider that this is going on the INTERNET? Like no one would notice?!
Beside myself. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Obbbbbbbbbbbbbviously this is locked. Obbbbbviously it's in neither of our best interest's to make this public. I hope he calms down and I can talk to him on Monday and he comes out. I'll do the final dyno here in LA and just say he didn't have time to do it in Ohio and we'll move on.
I cannot fucking believe it has come to this. I'm now scared shitless to dyno that thing next week.