8:29 PM, Tuesday, April 18th, 2017:
Not that I'm bitching (seriously, I'm not), but my parents never did easter egg hunts that I can remember. We had easter baskets, I remember getting a bunch of candy from Nana... but an all out adventure just didn't happen. Ooh, when I was a teenager at my step-father's parent's house one year THEY did one and hid a $10 bill in one egg. Man I was ON that shit. Ha. Maybe that's why I do this with the kids every year...
...they've clearly hit a turning point now though. They watch these videos religiously... almost memorizing where to look. Next year is going to be very, very different. They're probably not ready for notes and clues and shit - but there will be something. This shit is a little too easy now.
BUT OH MY GOD THEY LOVE IT!! Cam is so happy when he finds those eggs he can barely stand it. Vienna is a bit more composed but she talks about it incessantly before and after each hunt.
I love the shit out of this tradition.