1:22 PM, Saturday, April 15th, 2017:
AHHHHHHH! HE DID IT! Goddamn I cannot believe it. I also cannot believe WE  HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT FRIDAY TO DYNO IT!!! It's gotta be securely in the 500s now. Man, that's awesome. Oh, shit, the video. LOL:
For the first time in months there's a LEGIT sense of relief. As much as I meant it when I told Kenny that we'd just have to live with it if he couldn't figure it out, I am extremely happy he did. Mysterious issues are always sure to abound, but that one was pretty annoying. To see a dyno randomly dip and come back is crazy. Ground wires are clearly important!!
I cannot believe that all that's left to do is run the dyno and ship it home. How can that be possible!!?!?! Then I do a couple gigs and the big race on May 7th!! AHHH!!! And Kenny is bringing his girlfriend Brooke out for the weekend - the tickets are bought! Will be very nice to finally get to know her and SHE has to be thrilled to not hear about THIS shit anymore. It's funny, when I initially got the loaner car I remember telling Kenny he could take it easy a bit and he was like "FUCK THAT, I gotta get past this shit! I got other shit to work on!!" and man, he really did knock this out. It was far harder than he realized and he never gave up.
Anyway, way to go man. CANNOT wait to see you in a couple weeks and will be on pins and needles about the DYNO NEXT WEEK!!!!