8:10 AM, Friday, April 14th, 2017:
Man this feels like such a rip-off. The last trip to Columbus was multiple entries and videos, not one massive clump. Alas, because of this gargantuan project with the Delorean, not only is the family stuff short-changed on The Journey, it was short-changed IN Columbus because it was a working vacation...
...then again, it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be able to have that car in my hometown. An absolute whirlwind and stressed me out to no end, but I'm glad we pulled it off. Two weeks later, I'm glad to at LEAST have this to show for it: 
And so it is. Hoping to be able to make this a yearly thing, but it's pretty hard to wrap your head around that kind of expense since you always thought of a trip to Columbus as $300. Something I did over 20 tmes in the first 10 years of The Journey. Now it's 4 times more expensive and I lost two MASSSSSSSSSIVE Delorean gigs that just happened to occur the week I was back home. It's really, really hard to rationalize that on a yearly basis. But hey, maybe things will change.
In fact, you can count on that. Who knew this would even be my life a few years ago. I'm certain it will be just as crazy a few years from now...