11:11 AM, Friday, April 7th, 2017:
I swear to the fucking balls of Zeus this will never end. While testing, Kenny punched it and blew out the control arm bolts. He said it wasn't a big deal, just $100 and big delay but yeah, that's still something. Anyway - just watch: 
Whew. So here we are. I said pretty much everything I'm thinking in the video but I'm still just annoyed at not preparing this before. I'm exhausted from the constant worry of what should be replaced. Haven't replaced the brakes, he assures me that's ok... and then this happens. Thankfully I'll NEVER push it this hard, but it just feels like a bomb waiting to go off. I'm also concerned that more shit might have been damaged other than the bolts and bushings? The wheels were facing out? We'll find out when it gets fixed but at the end of the day, this is my sole business and I don't really care HOW much we break the record by. A tenth of a second? YAY! Done. It's not worth the wear and tear on my car which simply needs to get to Billy's birthday party.
So yes - I'm a bit anxious. This has gone far, far, far longer than he initially told me and I'm just scared something bad is gonna happen. This went from a one week build to a one month build to a two month build to sitting in the 4th month hoping. Don't even care about the power dip issue anymore to be honest, just want it home.