9:35 PM, Sunday, April 2nd, 2017:
So this one may take a bit but since the TOURNAMENT was already late on April 1st - I have to get a stand-in entry here. The video will be done by the end of the month but there is soooooooo much coming up - I'll just have a placeholder here, finish the entry then throw in the video later. Of course I just LIVED it so I can talk about it like you just saw it. So if it isn't up - DON'T SPOIL IT BY READING THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  IT'S AMAZING. But for those of you looking back, here's the video:
And now, whew. The golfer known as Adam is just dying right now. The husband known as Adam is THRILLED. All I can say, is that's GolfKon. Adding in the forced zero shot did EXACTLY what it was designed to do, as did the gopher hole. Talya's par game was her best she's ever had in the brackets and my (+1) is clearly one of my worst. It was a perfect pairing. And Ethan gets to the championship with 2 competitors hitting (+3) and (+3)?!?!? That absolutely never happens. So it was the craziest timing ever and of course Matt won. Of course. I don't know how we beat this dude ever again...
...but as we just saw - GolfKon has ways to fuck you up. So congrats to Matt of course and my goodness Talya: way to go. I wanted to win that shit BAD. If she could practice? She'd be a really good player. It's just so hard while the kids are running around. But we're indeed close to the moment where the whole family is trying to beat each other's ass. That was the dream.