5:29 PM, Thursday, March 30th, 2017:
I cannot believe I'm adding this entry to March when I'm trying desperately to not waste my 100 entries a year on silly shit since there's SO much going on...
...but Cameron turned this into a Journey worthy video, so here we are. This kid may be stealing the show quite often in the near future. Something to consider.
So ever since I made the Golf Hard hole there has been a branch on the wire...
The branch had grown THROUGH the metal safety wire above the black tube and it just wasn't moving. I called the city, they blamed the Department of Water and Power, I called DWP repeatedly for months: nada. I mean, that's a HEAVY branch - it was bowing down the entire wire. Ugh.
The real problem is, I'm cleaning up leaves constantly. From a dead tree. The only goddamned good thing about taking a tree drown is the lack of leaves. NOPE. The problem with me taking it down is not just the fact that it's a wire... it's not actually over my property. So even standing on the roof of The GolfKon bar requires me hanging a bit OVER the wall. Every movement is just asking for you to fall which is incredibly over 13 feet since golfkon is raised a bit to begin with. Just a whole lot of fuck no...
...but then I got the idea to screw a blade onto a 10 foot 2x4. It worked! I was able to painstakingly saw throught the main part and was left with the tiniest of branches... but at least. NO LEAVES!
...but, yeah. I'm not particularly OCD? But that shit right there. I couldn't NOT see it. I'd walk outside and BOOM. I tried for a full day to let it be and it just wasn't happening. I had to try and somehow cut that branch off even though it had grown AROUND the safety wire. Enter, the video:
So, so, so satisfying. And Cam saying "How ya doin' up there?" will never not be hilarious to me. As parents you have moments where your kids say shit that is seemingly beyond their years. And then your entire concept of them shifts immediately. He's not a toddler, he's now a kid. It happens like that. And THAT is why this is a Joruney entry and video. Cam is a kid.
Oh and I fucking got that damn branch off and didn't kill myself. FUCK YEAH.
Goodbye March. Jesus you were long.