6:20 PM, Sunday, March 26th, 2017:
Ugggggggggggggh I don't want to write this entry. There is nothing more annoying than an issue no one has ever seen, therefore no real direction in how to solve it. However? That's where we are. Dyno graphs don't get much weirder than this:
The good news is we beat the HP record of 424.1 with 448.1, the bad news is that was over 100hp lower than we expected and the reason we're a bit low is because of a mysterious dip at 5400 RPM that keeps the car from gaining a true reading. TO give you an example of what most dyno graphs look like, here's Nicholas Roedl's:
It should just be an arch. The crazy thing about our graph (which I'll repost for convenience):
...is the RECOVERY. It gets knocked down 50HP and then recovers and makes up double that amount. That's just bizarre. Take out the huge power drop and we'd fairly easily see the 500hp range. Our estimates now are 510hp at the wheels which would mean 600-637hp at the flywheel (what manufacturers state as horsepower - at the wheels there's a 15-20% powerloss). Even the gimped 448.1hp reading means we're at 527-560hp at the flywheel: clearly the fastest but of course there's that GODDAMNED MYTHICAL BULLSHIT 575 hanging out there. Anyway - here's the video of the day:
I sure made those 7 hours fly by in 7 minutes. A massive chunk of time was waiting for people at the autoparts store to drive to a warehouse and pick up the fucking coil packs or pick up a replacement CRACKED spark plug we had bought new. I mean jesus everything that could go wrong went wrong. The real annoyance though? I personally could give two fucks about the problem because never in ALL OF MY DRIVING will I be pushing the car that hard...
...but to get the record on the race track? We can't have that dip. It's precious seconds at EVERY GEAR. It's ridiculous. It could mean a FULL second off the time and even though we feel certain we can beat 12.66 by a full second? Fuck that. Kenny worked this hard, we want to have a true represenatation of this car. Same with the HP record. I mean, YAY! We beat 424.1! ...but this car is clearly 500+ at the wheels and 625+ at the flywheel. After all this money and work, some strange (most likely electrical) quirk is some bullshit. So I'll fly back to California, Kenny and the tuning master Brian will figure this shit out and we'll move ahead. I presume sometime near the end of April Don and I will fly out for the 1/4 mile race and we can officially mark an end to this stressful documentary.
Alright, we leave tomorrow and I drive my baby for the last time in Columbus. I also need to do a big "kids hanging out in my hometown" video for the site. That'll probably be next week.
Ready to go home. One of the most stressful visits to CBUS EVER! Will be happy to come back without working the whole time.