3:42 PM, Friday, March 24th, 2017:
Well unbeknownst to us, the entire time we've been in Columbus the test & tune day on March 26th was cancelled. Apparently this shitty cold/rainy weather kept them from being able to properly prepare the track so no matter what the actual weather is on Sunday, the race ain't happening. UGH. That allowed us to just sort of breathe for a bit and the only real deadline was this past Wednesday getting to Clintonville Academy in time to be a guest speaker. Incredibly, I was actually a little later than I wanted to be -because of th alignment BUT HOLY SHIT THE ALIGNMENT IS AMAZING. I will save all that for the next "Fastest" entry. This entry is about going BACK to Clintonville Academy.
I went to CA for 5th-8th grade and adored the teachers there. To be asked to come back and talk about my various adventurous in la-la land is incredible. Having Mrs. Barton introduce me actually made me start to choke up. I've spoken of it on this site before, but her asking me to play the female opera singer in Spike Jonze's "Glowworm" in the 6th grade talent show with Brendan Murphy officially gave me the performance bug. First time I felt that ROAR, that energy... I never looked back. She means so much to me. And now here I am trying to explain how ALL of that turned into a minigolf course and a time machine. That's why I have video...
That music is actually a piece my father and I put together while I was at Clintonville Academy the summer before my 8th grade year. Seemed fitting.
So yeah a total thrill for me and hopefully a memory for those kids. They certainly thought it was awesome I'm on Netflix. LMAO. That was hilarious. Though, damn - that ain't a kid movie. Hmmm.
Anyway - we now look forward to tomorrow morning when we have the dyno read for the horsepower record. Here's to a sleepless night for me!