9:13 AM, Tuesday, March 21st, 2017:
This will always be a bittersweet memory for me since I was at the parade when this happened, but that's why we have The Journey. In a couple decades when I can't differentiate between memories and videos I will have this adorable piece as a reminder of the first time the kids saw snow:
Now granted, it wasn't a ton of snow, but the fact that it was even "packy" on the first morning they woke up in Ohio is pretty magical. It's funny how much the kids associate snow and Christmas. Poor Vienna actually looked out her window in California on Christmas morning expecting snow. Man I wish I could've played with them when this happened, but in reality - they got pretty tired of it once they found out it was wet.
It's a good introduction. We'll be able to take them to the mountains in California most likely next winter and they'll see heaps and heaps of snow and suddenly the "wet" doesn't matter as much, but a pretty funny start for sure.
Alright, had to throw this in the midst of this crazy month. Clintonville Academy up next!