11:37 PM, Monday, March 20th, 2017:
Whew. What a weekend. I'm mixing two episodes together yet again as there's just so much goddamn content and I feel like I'll get to my yearly 100 entries by August at this rate. However, this PICTURE should be it's own entry:

The sweeping shot of the parade which that still comes from is worth damn near everything we went through to get not only the car out here but the whole family. When else would my car be in SNOW?! Alright let's get to the video...
So up first, the parade. Feel free to look at the people outside to realize that it was indeed cold and we're not babies. No heat in the time machine is a pretty shitty issue to have on top of all the other non-working gauges. The rocker-arm just evaporated our testing or break-in time. And we can't do it the rest of the time that I'm here because as we speak Kenny is installing the front suspension. Yes, I did the entire weekend (over 350 miles of driving) with no break-in miles completed, no tuning, no alignment done, no front suspension (the left front shocks are bloooooown) and for the race on Sunday, that is indeed a necessity. The gauges, though awfully important as we found out, aren't necessary to fix for the 1/4 mile.

All that being said it was very surreal to be hanging in the CD101 Ice Cream truck (sorry, CD102.5 - hard to get used to that) again after 20 years. The clutch was as awful as we presumed, but we found a way to dig in our heel at a sweet spot and ride it without gas that was feasible. I'll still never do it again but again - with the snow falling? How epic did that look. The shitty weather killed turnout a bit but people still had a good time. My kids stayed home and played in the snow for the first time in their lives (video soon) and that was a very good choice. You say parade to my kids and they think Disneyland. This would've been awful for them in every possible respect. HA. They'll be able to check me out at Clintonville Academy on Wednesday.
The Saturday night gigs were pretty rough as not only is there no heat, the driver's side door doesn't close all the way. It actually hasn't in quite awhile, but it doesn't matter when it's sunny and 70. Raining and 33? Yeah, that fucking sucks. So there's a cold breeze on you while you drive and water drips in. So no matter how badass you are, you get a chill. Driving nearly 90 minutes to a gig and back is all about survival. Getting to the second gig of the night was a pretty massive exhale... but I then had ANOTHER 40 minute drive to get home because Jess & Jeff live pretty far outside of Columbus. Made it home around midnight and collapsed. So much stress.
The car performed pretty well! A couple of stalling issues and of course having no idea how much gas is in the car is scary, but all of that will soon be fixed. Of course that leads into the break-down...
Not sure if you can hear it in the video, but when you fill the car up all-the way, the gas leaks out. Like, A LOT of gas leaks out all over the ground. It has done this for as long as I've had it. As long as I never filled it up more than 3/4 of a tank, it was never an issue. Now of course, I can't do that since I have no idea where the hell the gas is at. When I filled up in Dayton it looked like it was leaking out up top within like 4 gallons. I figured I was filled... and clearly, I was not. I drove the remaining 120 miles home that night and of course as you saw in the video, ran out of gas on the way to my Sunday gig. As annoying as it was, thank GOD it was just gas. I was on the phone with Kenny troubleshooting everything (because I was so sure I had filled it up the night before) and after nothing coming up we had no choice but to see if it was gas. Whew. Adding to all the gas issues is that we really have no idea what the gas mileage is. It seems insane, but maybe I only get 125 miles to a tank? That would be about 10 miles a gallon. That can't be... but we won't know for awhile.
The Sunday gig was craaaaaaaazy. We ended up only being 20 minutes late (amazingly the first time I have ever been late to a gig in 3 years) and that only added to the moment. There was already 100 people lined up for pictures and Jess was driving with me and we both looked at each other in awe. I gotta say, that might be the most VIP moment I've felt in that car. Usually I'm early so there's no one waiting. This was crazy and it NEVER stopped. Must've been over 500 people getting pics and all the money went to charity. Pretty badass. Kids got some hotdogs and then got to see Nana... good time all around. I'm gonna have to make a big video of just all of their visits and all the shots of the car sitting at my childhood memories. So bizarre.
For now I hope Kenny is knocking out the suspension alright and we can get everything aligned tomorrow before I need the car again for my Clintonville Academy assembly. WHEW. What a week!