9:33 AM, Saturday, March 18th, 2017:
Already behind on Delorean stories with two events yesterday but I have to step back for a moment and document real life.
1000 entries ago Jess and Jeff came out to LA to see me marry Donna in what we thought was our new lives. I had one more step to go of course, but it shows just how long Jess and I have worked on our post-marriage relationship. In fact it was entry 333 that the first signs of us letting go was apparent. Back when I sang:
before you go,
I need to show,
that in 10 years you'll know,
but now it hurts,
the pain is worse,
i promise you'll let go,
and then you'll understand,
you'll hold your man,
your baby's eyes will heal...
...in a song that is almost too painful to post. So yes, the overwhelming majority of the journey and 13 years now Jess and I have worked on this experiment of friendship and we would always mention that someday kids our kids would play with each other and it would all make sense. It made sense before this moment of course, but sometimes the moment is so beat you over the head obvious it demands a pause. Yesterday Jess posted this:
"Adam and I talked about this moment 12 years ago during one of the hardest decisions in our lives. So awesome to see it come to fruition. And so excited to have the Kontras family staying with us. :) #alliswellandasitshouldbe"
WOW. It's how we imagined it, but it's still WOW. The funny thing is, this is immediately after we got to their house from the airport. We hadn't even been inside the house yet. Cam jumped out of the car (giving no fucks about how cold it waas), Zoe grabbed some shoes and lead him to the backyard and Vienna ran after them. ANNNNNNNNNND that was it. Instant friends, been having a blast ever since.
The intense emotions of the whole thing have obviously lessened as SOOOOOOOO many years have passed. What was once the absolute heart of the journey is now simply heartwarming, but we're reminded of it often when people say: "You guys are staying where? The whole family? Is Talya OK with this? Are you sure?". It's something both Talya and Jeff giggle about. This isn't new to them and they'll both tell you they were fully briefed on their new romantic interest's friendship with the "ex" very, very early on. They were introduced to those exes as soon as possible and it's always just been.
Of course to agree to spend 10 days in the same house with not only the exes but with their children is a whole 'nother level, but in the past ten years we have actually realized that we all get along and do indeed like each other. Zoe is 6 and still doesn't know exactly who I am and of course Vienna and Cameron don't know... but eventually they will. I want them to see everyone hanging out and it being normal for a bit and then it will just be a funny anecdote. I presume we still have a couple years for all that.
Also the house is roomy and made for kids which is a massive concern when traveling with a 3 and 4 year old. It makes it immediately comfortable. So while this set-up seems odd to everyone else, it is pretty normal for us. Wonderfully normal.
Alright - 2 more gigs tonight and another tomorrow! Life is zooming. I presume I'll get all that together in a couple days.