8:39 PM, Tuesday, March 14th, 2017:
2 days feels like a week. Tracking not only the valves/guides but also the suspension (which was an entirely different issue we haven't even touched upon thanks to the rocker arm explosion. Either way - they BOTH arrived today, and Kenny was off to the already infamous Mike:
On the spot, for free.
This is when you actually get angry at the people that caused all of this. People NOT responsible bent over backwards to help and if the rocker arm people don't fall all over themselves to make this right I will be beside myself. But if patterns continue we will fight for months to even get our initial money back let alone what they should pay for nearly destroying the engine. We were very, very fortunate to have SO little damage occur when that arm broke. It's hard to tell from the video because he made it looks so smooth, but in fact the REASON it looked so smooth is that the worst of the damage was avoided. Had that cylinder been messed up? Fahgettaboutit.
We are very, very, very fortunate. Now of course comes the fateful Wednesday where Kenny still has to put in an entire full-day at work and then attack not only piecing the car back together but installing a suspension. Why? Because we get there the following day.
In the midst of all this? Kenny is moving and has been every single spare second between all of this. He's running ragged and I'm fairly certain the people at the parade will have no idea what it took to just get through that part. LOL.
Oh well. We're here now. What will tomorrow bring?