12:01 AM, Sunday, March 11th, 2017:
FIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY. Finally we get to spotlight a fellow engine-swapper the way I had envisioned when I originally started this project. It has been extremely difficult to not only contact everyone but to have enough of our build done that they realize we're serious and worthy of participating. Nicholas was actually the first engine swap I ever saw and it implanted the LS Corvette engine into my brain. The rest, now, is history. Ends up he's also a great guy, very open, very supportive and a mechanical engineer to boot. Enjoy!!
Man I hope this turns into a legit community/club of engine-swappers that are actually nice to each other, cheer for each other, help each other and are kind to each other. I've been so put off by the BTTF community as well as the die-hard Delorean community. At least with the engine-swapping crowd we all share the ambitious spirit to take on something pretty gargantuan to achieve a goal. We all obviously loved the look of the Delorean and were so disappointed with the mechanics of it that we gutted the bastard and started over. That's pretty niche group of people willing to take that leap and I think it allows us to bond a little easier. That, and Nicholas is just really, really nice.
His swap and his site, ls1delorean.com, is positively exhaustive. I wasn't kidding in the video when I mentioned it. Every single aspect is covered with hundreds of pictures and I have to be honest? I'm a little jealous of that intake manifold. That is a sexy beast and if it wasn't for the fact that we have the ability to use the vents on the back of the time machine I would want to use the same design. However the air intake pontoons on the side of the Delorean pale in comparison to what can be sucked through those vents. At the end of the day, horsepower is king (as the present horsepower king is aware).
Incredibly Nicholas is visiting LA in a couple weeks for work so we'll get to actually meet. I'm just so happy he decided to be the first interview video because hopefully it will inspire others to do the same. He clearly inspired us to swap our engines!
Thanks again for your time, Nicholas and see you at the end of the month!