2:00 PM, Friday, March 10th, 2017:
To the secret reality show producers that are apparently running my life right now, I can take it from here! I got this. I know I joked about wishing we had a little more drama with this project and you most certainly delivered, but what resides in the following video sounds completely made up and no one is ever going to believe this is really happening.
To those that know me however, this is really happening...
I had no intention of doing another 2-for-1 episode/entry thing again, in fact the first part of this was already the entry video, I uploaded it, started writing the entry this morning and I get THAT FUCKING call. It was clear to me that the entire 24 hour period should be the entry... so here we are.
Throw into all of this? An interview with the current horsepower king, Nicholas Roedl and a meeting with Karen who is footing some of this build as a business partner and wondering WHAT IN THE EVER-LOVING FUCK is happening and why is it so expensive... today was one of those days. It never stopped. I never stopped editing, talking, producing... in fact - yes, I was a producer today. I'm usually doing so many different things, that's a given - but dealing specifically with money, deadlines and investors made it feel very "Producery". Somehow I'm keeping up with these videos and somehow I'm still playing with my kids. AND TONIGHT IS DATE NIGHT! WOOOO.
Now, about that fucking shipping problem. I have to be honest, in my entire life that has never happened to me. Granted, there's only a few times I've ever had to emergency overnight something, but I've done it before and no one has ever quoted me the price, we then PAID the price and they shipped it 3 day GROUND. I mean what the serious mother fuck cock balls. GODDAMNIT. I still haven't fully processed this. I mean, YAY MIKE! Glad he's going to make the damage as minimal as possible but fuck me man...
...then again, someone made a mistake. They probably never overnight shit and someone just made an oversight. Of course they were the only 2 guides they had so they couldn't overnight ANOTHER pair... so we're just kind of stuck with it in transit which means a TUESDAY arrival. I mean... for the love of fuck.
However, here is the actual good news and something I honestly didn't understand until Kenny told me today: we don't HAVE to have the car broken in or the car tuned to make all these gigs. It would be nice, but it won't hurt anything. We do however need all of that done for the following week when we have the 1/4 race. We also need the suspension which was supposed to arrive today but was only JUST NOW DROPPED OFF at the UPS store in Virginia - I MEAN FUCK people. Either way, we should still get the suspension next week, still have the car aligned, balanced, tuned and READY to go for the race weekend.
At which point I may actually shit my pants. We also may do the dyno that day so Goldie is there. Which is already nerve-wracking. Uggggggh. I want the 1/4 mile time to be OVER. Get the record and then it's OVER. OVVVVVER.
Good news is Kenny gets a weekend off. I will be editing my ass off but Kenny gets two days to not think about this car...
...AND FUCKING MOVE. He has to MOVE this weekend. GREAT TIMING THERE. Poor bastard. What, a, year!