11:43 PM, Wednesday, March 8th, 2017:
So this entry is a two-fer episode-wise since I'm in no position to stretch out entries to be cute. Averaging 8 entries per month is usually difficult and this year it's the opposite. As for the episodes of the Doc? Sure. Make them watch the first minute of this video and then sit on this shit for a bit like I had to. For The Journey however, I need an entry WITH a video explaining everything so "Titleproof" & "The Aftermath" will be combined.
So, try and stomach this:
Being at the gig and getting that video was like swimming in molasses. My normally spastic brain just kinda froze... but I still had to be hyper-aware of driving SOMEONE ELSE'S Time Machine and helping this crew get their shots. My head was racing and the shoot ran an hour long pushing me into awful rush hour traffic... the timing, dear JESUS the timing.
Talking to Kenny it is nice that there's room for hope. It feels slim but it's room. The part that feels slim are those guides. That's special order shit and I don't see them having that which throws us into a waiting game with this MAGIC MIKE MACHINIST who becomes this fucking hero figure and I'm somehow supposed to sleep right now? It's 11:40pm and although I haven't slept for shit the past 3 nights staying up with Cam (coughing, all, night poor fucker) I'm wired. My head is racing I'm trying desperately to think my way out of this and we honestly cannot do anything but wait. I hope my call in the morning is definitive, not even positive - just definitive.
Let me lay this out for my own well being:
1) We were toying with the idea of towing the time machine on a flatbed anyway in the parade thanks to it being a manual and it being bad to go 5mph for an hour with a car that new (and frankly just be fucking hard with a clutch like that)... so we could still do that.
2) If we're already doing that, towing it to my Friday night 3/17 gig is easy. The only thing I lose is the drop-off pick-up package for that day which could be moved to a different time. Especially if I up the ante with the package for no added cost.
3) The biggies are the Saturday night 3/18 gigs: $1100 that span 150 miles. If I get the word that we're fucked tomorrow I'll see if I can't move those to the following Saturday.
4) Finally the Sunday 3/19 gig can also be towed to (though far more difficult because of the location they need it) which would then give us an entire extra week until the car needs to be drivable. And the biggies on Saturday could also be towed but that could prove difficult as fuck because of the timing and distance.
In fact, wow now that I think of it? As long as the pick-up/drop-off gig can be moved everything that weekend could be done ala towing. Kenny has access to that.
OK, knowing we could have an extra week does actually help and for fuck's sake if I miss the parade I miss the goddamn parade. The real date? The must-have date? 3/26 when we're doing the 1/4 mile run. I also wanted to have put 1000 miles on that thing before that time and considering we're staying 25 miles away from most of my family in Columbus, that was feasible. However if Kenny says it's safe, we'll make it happen. That's 2 weeks from Saturday and as long as the piston itself isn't damaged, even if the valve place doesn't have the guides we should be able to pull that off if Mike can source out the work in time. As well? I'll be there to help that week. So, well, whew.
This actually made me feel better. Ha. I guess thats what The Journey is supposed to do, right?
Alright well I'm still wired, and there's no way I get more than 2 hours of sleep, but mostly for being anxious about what Kenny says tomorrow and not about being sick to my stomach all night about wasting the entire 10 days in Ohio.
You know, I always said as long as I could still think "What happens next?" within the journey, it was worth continuing. I've certainly kept that mantra in 2017.