9:15 PM, Monday, March 6th, 2017:
Doesn't get more beautiful than this... 
I can only tell you the truth, even if the breadth of this project will make you doubt me. So here it is:
On the life of my children and all I hold dear, when I said to Jimmy "A journey worth taking..." I wasn't thinking of this site, I wasn't thinking of the video, I wasn't thinking of the song... I wasn't even thinking of the epicness of the moment for him. I was talking about those motherfucking stairs with a 3 and a 4 year old and driving 1 hour and 45 minutes with a 3 and a 4 year old and that upon seeing him, I knew it was a worthy journey. Yes for a time that was a word that couldn't be uttered without being reminded of this project but since the shift to family life (or whatever you call my life these days) the word turned back into, well, a word...
...however since I still DO "The Journey", the pattern of documenting moments in life and piecing together a short film 100 times a year still occurs. And suddenly it comes full circle: I say the word inadvertenly in a moment that is a massive part of "The Journey" and actually brings my relationship with Jimmy together in one massive thump to the heart.
When Jimmy came out here in August 2012 his father had died the year before and there was a sense of starting over and grand adventure. He had watched my 2000-2010 documentary and wanted to jump as I did. When he got here we talked about how our fathers had put together the 2000 and 2005 Kontras family reunions and that with the coming birth of Vienna just maybe in 20 years we would have started a new California based Kontras Klan and the two of us would be following in our father's footsteps. It was a nice far-off thought that made us smile.
Suddenly, it doesn't seem so far off.
With this video and entry, Jimmy just firmly entrenched his roots into California. Kaylyn's family lives in San Diego, Jimmy is a lifer. He won't have the constant pull I had with Jess's family (they won) and the support he has to start his life is incredible. I just couldn't be happier for him and as I was piecing together the video I realized that there was only one song to use: the song I used to propose to Talya and that the chronological order of the day was exactly how the video should play out: a love letter to our children and his love letter to Kaylyn. Watching everything transpire through their eyes was a glimpse into their future while watching him propose was a glimpse into our past. It was just so overwhelming.
So brother, I love you. You did it! My goodness you did it. What a beautiful way to propose and what a beautiful statement to make to the world. You are home.
And Kaylyn? You know we adore you. We adored you the moment we met and joked with Jimmy about marriage within days. I shit you not. Remember that first New Year's? That's what me and Jimmy were talking about in the kitchen while buzzed. I knew, he knew, we knew... it's pretty special when things fall together that simply.
So congratulations! And here's to all of our futures!