4:04 PM, Sunday, March 5th, 2017:
The killer for all of this is that it's technically been 2 full weeks since I was out in Columbus and only NOW do I have a real update. Since I broke that whole 3-day weekend into 3 episodes it's been a nice leisurely pace for the viewers every 4-5 days getting a new piece. Either way, here we are...
Yes, there's a special level of hell for me for that but honestly I couldn't include everything in this video without it being 15 minutes. We have to save the engine start/tuning and possibly even DRIVING for the next episode because that's all happening TODAY. That first attempted engine pull was at 1:41 AM this MORNING. Basically I needed everything that lead up to that moment that happened yesterday to be added to the footage I've been sitting on for a week because their previous Saturday just wasn't enough for one episode. See? Kinda make sense?
No, I'm still a dick.
As I certainly am for that battery tray. Holy fuck. And if I mention the amp to Kenny one more time he's liable to punch me. The issue is it's very difficult to talk "screen accurate" to someone who is killing himself for the car to even MOVE... but from the producer's angle:  I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THAT. We have to fit not only 4 massive batteries in the trunk, but also a charger, an inverter, a fog machine AND the amp for the subwoofers and speakers, etc. So I had to make sure he had all of those things before he MOUNTED anything. Even though I'll do all that wiring when I get to Columbus on March 16th, you have to have the components to know if it's all going to fit. And, well, just like the craziness of that rear bumper? It looks like everything is going to fit up front as well. It's an absolute cluster-fuck of boxes and wires and doo-dads and come to think of it? When I open the hood? It will look like it's part of the time machine. I think that's what I most dig. I'm the mad-scientist at heart that just has wires and shit EVERYWHERE. To have 8 seperate things in that trunk all wired for crazy reasons from fog to music to lights to MOTOR... it's very, very "Doc". And also very original to THIS car. I now can't wait to open both the hood AND the trunk and watch people go: "HOLY SHIT, DUDE."
Good times.
Also it should be noted, it's absolutely killing me to not be there. I know the guys that are helping are doing it for free and I do appreciate that but I hope they realize how badly I'd give anything to stand-in for them... and honestly how many people watching this entire thing want to say they had a hand in this. We're getting into the meat of this project and it's going to be over before we know it. It'll soon just be the finished project for years... and man we'll find these videos very, very precious. Thanks again to everyone who has been helping!