1:03 PM, Saturday, March 4th, 2017:
It's moments like these where the project of "The Journey" is close to being turned off. What is "journey-worthy" one month kinda needs to be "journey worthy" the next month even if that next month is already planned out and JAM PACKED.
Oh and kids. I have kids. Not that you'd know that the past 2 months. I hate that... but spending time with them is first and foremost, so editing video of them doesn't happen as often when that time has to be alotted to all of THIS craziness...
...and by this craziness I mean being flown to Phoenix Arizona to shoot a promo reel for a reality company. And although just one of the many angles and cameras used for a project like this - the drone footage is always the most breathtaking part.
And of course during these days of shooting (March 2nd and 3rd) RentTheDelorean.com business is blowing up. I mean, yeah, I didn't get to be ON the Academy Awards but boy did everyone remember they love that car, right? Wow. So I'm trying to do invoices and take phone calls IMMEDIATELY so I don't lose the business all in between different location shoots. It was probably one of the busiest RentTheDelorean days since 2015. Crazy.
So how did this shoot come about? Remarkably from a 2015 Delorean gig. When I was in Vegas for the Passco event in 2015 I brought my drone and produced the following footage:
To date, one of the most stressful things I've ever attempted. However, I showed them and they said: "We may be calling you..." True to their word last year they did! Incredible. Happy to work with the company in a different capacity. They have several properties and I hope to capture them all however future shoots are going to require the appropriate rigs for the interior shots. I could only bring so much with me to Phoenix and these cameras aren't designed for the subtle nuances and lighting of interiors. Especially the drone cameras. They do one thing very well: smooth footage from WAYYYYY up.
The best part of course is having a partner in crime (the apartment manager, Steve) being on the lookout for the FUZZ or RENT-A-FUZZ while we shot everyting. Incredibly I was so fast that we came away unscathed. But I'll admit there's more than a few times where your adrenaline is pumping. It's hard to explain to anyone who hasn't flown one of these things but it's just extremely taxing on your noggin'. You're already focusing on your drone, the height, the wind, the conditions and getting the shot you're envisioning and the moment that puppy is airborne there's a clicking tock of battery time just barrelling towards empty...
...then you're talking to your ground guy about security and other shit. Granted, what we're doing is legal! I've registered my craft with the FAA all of that - but it doesn't matter. It scares people (probably rightfully so) and not only do you have battery time to worry about you have actual real-time concerns to worry about in regards to someone coming over and giving you shit. Your lookout guy is simply to provide some cover while you get the rig out of the sky safely. Thankfully it was unnecessary. Whew.
Alright - back to FastestDelorean life tomorrow (THE ENGINE SHOULD BE STARTING TODAY!) and hopefully I can keep up. This is going to be one helluva month.