6:54 PM, Friday, January 27th, 2017:
It's stunning to me sitting here after listening to this interview how much money plays into success. Well, perceived success. I think of all the ideas I had when I was broke and I really had no way of pulling them off...
...that being said, that period certainly made me efficient as hell and creative beyond my wildest dreams. However, there comes a point (and looking back it's around 2006) where if I had sommmmmmmme money? I could've pulled off a lot of stuff with the opportunities I had. I still did a helluva lot but it does bring to mind just how hand-to-mouth that period was and how difficult it was to keep a mortgage and a marriage, etc... whew. Different world.
That also isn't to say that having money makes all this happen. If I had to really pin down the magic mix it's the ability to compartmentalize my emotions in order to make the correct, efficient business decision. My ego plays zero part in how I operate the business and that's wildly different than most owners. I also internalize financial risk well beyond it paying off, which also keeps me grounded, focused and efficient. It doesn't gnaw at me, but it's just present. You mix that attitude with capital? You're pretty golden. It also required some luck, some timing, and a true lack of competition. Let us not forget that most of the people with Delorean Time Machines are just fans who have a cool replica and are trying to make a buck or two on the side. I approached it like an all-out WAR. The money was so much more than I had ever undertaken, it felt like a war to me.
Anyway - I guess that all adds up to a radio interview once you announce you're coming to town with the car. Probably an appropriate time to show you that interview...
Let me defend the ridiculous mistakes at the beginning/throughout the interview: it's almost impossible to quickly catch anyone up on the story of RentTheDelorean.com or FastestDeloreanInTheWorld.com or GolfKon... it's just insane. They did a helluva job completely cold with probably 30 seconds of prep from a producer. I was able to get it all on track pretty quickly... but I always want to defend the radio guys in this position. I've been in their shoes and while you'd love to prepare more you're filling 4 or 5 hours and you just get thrown shit and need to riff. The problem of course is when you have a guest not ready to fill in the holes. Thankfully we're all radio pros and we got that info out there. I had to get "Slowmotion Motorsports" and Kenny's name out there. QFM was mainly interested in the rental part (understandable) rather than the FASTEST part, but in time it'll all come together,
...also how crazy this is happening now!??! I honestly expected it IN MARCH. During the time I'm there. To be doing this in January when we started just a couple weeks ago is kinda nuts - but I'll take it! Always good to be back on the radio.
Alright - craziest start to a year ever? No doubt. I'd say the year 2000 is the only year that comes close. Good times...