8:51 PM, Tuesday, January 24th, 2017:
We now have enough interest that we needed to lay down the guidelines we're using to determine the "Fastest Delorean in the World"...
Script for those who don't want to watch an AWESOME VIDEO:
Alright we've contacted the owners of the fastest Deloreans and it's time to lay down the guidelines and metrics we'll use to determine Fastest Delorean in the World. It's actually pretty obvious but let's make it official....
Ya gotta use the stock chasis and stay within the frame rails. The reason it's a challenge to make a fast Delorean is unlike most cars, the frame is an X and the engine is in the back. There is very little room to fit a drive train. So you can't just pick up the body, drop it on a Ferrari and call it a Delorean. You also can't do this. Again, this is all pretty obvious - no owners were attempting this - but guidelines are good for anyone in the future hoping to claim the "Fastest" title.
There is also a school of thought among purists that it can't be called a Delorean unless it has the stock engine... but Delorean never had the time to make a stock engine and ended up putting a Volvo in it. The entire drive train was Volvo. Because of this it's very difficult to consider any part of the mechanics of the car "Delorean". If we were looking for the "Fastest Porsche in the World" it would be make sense to not allow a Ferrari engine swap because Porsche makes their own motors. Given more money and time, I'm certain Delorean would have done the same. Sadly, it was never meant to be.
Now how do we determine "FASTEST". Well, there's two benchmarks that are universally accepted among gearheads: documented horsepower at the wheels and your 1/4 mile time. It's as simple as recording a dyno read and recording a drag race. What we will NOT be accepting is an owner gunning it on a highway and recording the spedometer for a top speed. The reality is maximum speed is calculated by manufacturers with physics formulas plugging in horsepower, weight, drag, etc. It's completely unnecessary (and extremely dangerous) to actually drive it that fast. If you have the fastest 1/4 mile time, you clearly have the fastest car. Limitless time and distance won't change that.
At the present time only Adam & Nathan Schmucker's car has a recorded 1/4 mile time and even figuring THAT out was difficult. Why? Because the only proof from the 1/4 mile runs was a 2009 cell phone in the stands and it kept cutting off before you could see the time. Thankfully, at the end of one if you listen VERY closely you can hear the announcer: 12-6-6. And so it is. Obviously if anyone can provide proof of a faster 1/4 mile time - the bar will be set.
We've ranked the rest of the fastest cars by their dyno reads and we should note that Nicholas Roedl's Delorean actually has a faster documented horsepower than the Schmucker's car but he has yet to record a 1/4 mile time. Since the Schmucker's have both they've got the title. In the event that two cars split the horsepower record and the 1/4 mile record, 1/4 mile time will always win out. A good old fashioned race trumps a computer read out any day.
So there you have it! We hope this inspires Delorean owners to send us videos and take part in this project. So ladies and gentleman - SWAP YOUR ENGINES!
My hope here is that I'm as clear as possible that I am committed to this site whether or not I'm the fastest. I'm not just making a site to declare how awesome I am, I truly want to document all the owners who have done this and hopefully meet up with them and talk about it, do videos and whatnot. I'm never going to strip all the time machine out from inside my car (which ways a ton) so someone, someday, will absolutely be faster than me. That's why I set up the parameters and made them as simple and safe as possible. I do absolutely believe and expect to beat every benchmark in March - but it honestly won't take much for one of the top drivers to surpass them. I believe Robert Cunningham, the Lotus Swap Owner, will be able to beat me the moment he cares to try. It's gonna be a fun year.
Alright! Could this month be any busier?!?!?! And when I'm able to tell you the phone call I just received and the gig I just booked?!?!?! WHEEEEEEEEEEEW. Hard to believe the biggest gig would be in 2017.

What an adventure.