7:48 PM, Sunday, January 22nd, 2017:
And it's official! We can announce the dates that the Delorean Time Machine will be rentable in Columbus, Ohio:
To say that at no time did I ever believe this would happen is to state the obvious. There's absolutely no reason to spend over $2500 to ship your car to and from Ohio for a gig. There's closer cars and most corporations would never pay for that. So the fact that my brother just HAPPENED to build high performance racing engines and I took yet another leap of fatih? This was possible. And now it's official. So yes, I'm thrilled to be able to drive this around my home town and have fun with my friends and family. In my mind these were two completely different worlds. It's incredible that the same roads I drove in my early 20s will be redriven in this car. Kickass.
It's also a bit of pressure on Kenny, but it's a good month further ahead than we've estimated. I will indeed be coming out in February for a weekend to help him work on the car and get some video of turning the engine and doing a dyno read for the first time. That should leave him another full month to test and get this bad boy ready for St. Patrick's Day. As well, we're going to be doing the 1/4 mile stretch on March 26th, as I mentioned in the previous entry, and Don contacted me as he wants to be there. How freaking cool. He may not be able to work that all out, so I'll give him an out, but man - that would be awesome to have Mayor Goldie Wilson in the pits as we go for the record.

A phone call to CD101, sorry, CD102.5 and we will absolutely be doing something with them and hopefully the Columbus Blue Jackets if all works out. That's actually the biggest reason for this little video. A big press push to get the word out. And
things are coming together at record pace. As well the cost of this modification is double what was assumed and, whew, it's taking a bit of a toll. I have it - I'm still doing it - but now the onus to book actual gigs in Columbus during that time is very, very real. Plus there's family obligations - people who have never even MET Cameron... fitting this all in is going to be extremely difficult... but it will be an adventure.
What an incredibly fun way to start a new year.